Oooh.. Who’s there?

18 January
12:20 am


Good morning (though it’s still night and dark outside.. but I just felt like it).
Well, you don’t know much about me. Do you?
No. You don’t.
So, for starters.. I’m a human being.
Not a robot with wide spectrum emotions. Alas! I wish I was. But I’m a mere mortal. So to say, a muggle (nope, not even a wizard).

Oh! Yes.. another thing. I can be very confusing at times. (Am I confusing you?)
So, I’m a pretty much confused soul (Hope it all gets sorted out pretty soon.. fingers crossed).

Yeah! So that’s that for now.
Catch up with you soon.
I have loads to tell..

Sleep tight
(Don’t let bed bugs bite)



2 thoughts on “Oooh.. Who’s there?”

  1. That was great.

    I was really surprised when you turned out to be human. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but decided it was okay after a few minutes.

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