Viva.. Practicals

7 May
10:55 pm


So I did have the two practicals today. The viva of Mechanics wasn’t that lovely but Physics went well.. surprisingly enough.
Why do I feel not that confident while facing an external during a viva?
The fear of unknown. In a way.. these exams do decide the way my life turns out (Do they?)
Something to debate on later on, when I have some time on my hands.

Now tomorrow it is Environmental Science and then Electrical Science. Yup! Two practicals in one day.
I’m not particularly a big fan of electrical.. but it is fine. Our practicals end tomorrow.. Thank God!

Yeah! I haven’t really started studying for it. I should now start with it.
You know I don’t understand why don’t I learn from my mistakes. Every time I think.. next time onward I will be more regular.. I won’t procrastinate.. But the cycle goes on.

Anyway, I need to change that fact. I need to be more regular.

I’ll see you tomorrow or so



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