Procrastination.. Why?

13 May
2:50 pm


I don’t understand why do I always do this to myself..
I deliberately while away time until I reach a point of time where wasting it anymore would be detrimental and could lead to not clearing the exam.

Why? Why? Why?

How many times do I have to make the same mistake and then make the same promise again and again? It’s a vicious cycle… When the hell would I get out of it?

I really wanna get over it.

It’s like I’ll keep procrastinating studying until the very last moment.. when I can’t delay it any further.

I have a Maths exam on Thursday.
Yeah.. And being the way I am I haven’t started studying for it. What do I do the whole day? You know I just hate myself for it.

I wouldn’t have written all this had this not been an anonymous blog.

It’s like a cresendo.. All those untouched things.. They keep accumulating and BOOM!! fall down all at once.

Okay. Now I’ll get down to studying. Enough talking for now.

Hope the exams go well.. Yeah! Even with my last minute preparation..

See ya


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