16 May, Friday
8:35 pm


So.. Okay. I had my first end semester exam yesterday.. Can you guess which subject? MATHS!!
Not that I’m scared of Maths.. but since a last few months I’m not particularly doing very well in Maths. You know Why? Lack of practice.. Yup! That’s the reason.. I accept it.

Since I got into Uni I’ve become a little (more than a little) complacent. Taking things for granted. Then postponing the things on the to-do list again and again.. The same vicious cycle I talked about earlier.. Procrastination.

To tell you the truth.. I have Communication Skills exam tomorrow.. and I opened the notebook (where I make notes) right now. Yup! Right now..
Look at me! Every friggin time.. Ahhhh
I’ll be able to complete the syllabus by tomorrow morning. Yup! Because I had prepared for it during the mid semester exams. It’ll go fine.


See you soon


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