A glimpse into the past

5 October, Sunday
11:20 am


As I said earlier, I’d see you soon, sooner than 4 months. Here I am 🙂

So today morning I did a lot of “saaf-safai”, basically a lot of cleaning. I cleaned my cupboard, my study. Got rid of old notebooks, the notes, school books etc. Arranged the books neatly and properly. Everything looks spic and span now. Courtesy to me. He he 😀

books - Copy

I found so many things. Lost and found. It was like a walk down the memory lane. The list of songs I loved once upon a time. I’m downloading all those songs today. They all have their place on my playlist. One of the songs is ‘Roads’ by Portishead. I must have listened to it so many times. It was on repeat for quite a while.
Then I found some random jottings that lay forgotten on a yellowed paper. Yup. It was that old.
So many newspaper clippings. One told the origin of touchwood, that according to pagan belief good spirits were believed to reside in oak wood and the likes. Touching wood knocked them and brought good luck. (You could google this fact, I just wrote what I had read)

Few hours well spent. It feels good when you finish something and it’s done well.
Yeah. That’s all for now. 🙂

See you soon

P.S: I woke up at 6:30 am today unlike yesterday when I woke up at 9 am.


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