Exams over! (for now)

27 December, Saturday
11:00 am

Hola people! 🙂

What’s up?

I’m happy. Smiling. Exams got over yesterday. Yay! Now holidays till 10th January.

You know, this time my exams went well. So much better than last year. Yeap.

What should I do now?
We’re going to watch PK, a movie, today evening.

BTW I’m listening to Lemonade by Cocorosie. I love this song. I heard it for the first time on Sunday and since then I’ve listened to it so many times. It’s just so different; soft, slow, calming, my new favourite.

Yesterday, after our exams got over, we (4 of us) went to CP. Went to this place called Oxford Bookstore. There’s a small cafe kind of thing called Cha Bar. The food was just alright. We had cheese toasties and arrabiata pasta. I guess we had high expectations.

Anyway, I have to read Room. I saw this book there, yesterday. I had read about it somewhere.

Now I’m listening to Gooey by Glass Animals. I like the song. Not the video though. I saw it just now, a little weird but the music is good.

Okay then, See ya.



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