Off my chest

6 April, Monday
8:00 am


So, here I am, again 😀

There is something I want to get off my chest.

You remember how I told you about me being a big time procrastinator. Well, this is about that.
Today is Monday, you see. Last four days, Thursday to Sunday, holidays.. and you know what, I didn’t read (as in study) a single word. So much for being a changed person.

Anyway I have a test tomorrow, Applied Mathematics, for which I’ll start studying today, in a few minutes.

Also, there’s something else that’s been bothering me. I should stop with the strange talk. Talking to them gets me nowhere unless I have the luxury of abundant time. All those four days, frittered away.
Frivolity. I should stop with it.

Man! Will I ever get out of it. This cycle.
I know, it’s all in my hands. I haven’t fallen into the rabbit hole yet. Yet. I should be careful. Mend my path while I still have the chance.

Yeah. That’s all.
I should be more serious now.

Anyway. I’ll get going.

P.S: Life is a gift. Remember that (This is for me.. I tend to forget it)


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