I think I ain’t sleep deprived

10 April, Friday
9:40 am


So, am I sleep deprived. Not much, I think. Today at least I got a good three hour sleep. Exams from Monday. Yeah, and this is the last minute preparation. Not last minute per se but second last minute, I guess.

And some of the time, in which I supposed to be asleep, went into the strange talk, which I should have stopped with long ago.
Anyway, what now?

I’m studying Gears. From the online notes. Though I’ve downloaded them.

Have a lot to study. That’s obvious.

Everything will be fine now, don’t you worry.
Just take a chill pill.

See ya

XOXO Muaaahhhh

P.S: Life is beautiful, so are you! (Remember this, note to self)


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