Mundane everyday

8 May, Tuesday
9:10 pm

So, hello! 😀

Not as happy as I seem and certainly not as sad as I might be.
^ makes much sense? Well, who cares! 😛
Yeah, just kidding.

What’s up in my life?
You must be wondering, were you?
Well, maybe you weren’t. Who am I to give so much importance to my life.

Exams are on. Ending on 4th June. Then from 5th I’ll start with my summer internship. Excited much?
Well, haven’t started studying yet for the exam on Thursday. I had studied only a little on Friday, last week. Still have a lot to do. I should start with it now. It’s ‘Theory of Machines’, just in case you were wondering 😛

It’s always good talking to you. Letting you know what’s up in my life. Sharing my woes. Happiness. Everything.
Thanks. For being a patient listener.


P.S: The universe is plotting to do good for (or against) you. Inverse Polaroid, ya know. All’s well 🙂


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