New Year (New me?)

1 January, Friday
10:15 pm


Yup. I’m all smiles. Great day today. It was fun. Went out with friends. Tried new food. Btw I love cheese (Just a fact). Yeah.

Last night, went to new years’ ball. Saw some old friends (not friends friends though; from high school). Anyway, I didn’t say hi to them. I was just sitting at my table with two other people. I didn’t even dance (that’s not new). I never dance. I’ve got two left feet *sigh*


Since exams got over I had just been lounging around. I started doing something productive tonight. Brushing up CAD modelling skills. Solidworks. (Hence the reference, new year new me?)

Ooh. I saw Interstellar yesterday. Wow. Space-time continuum. 5 dimensions.
Though I couldn’t digest Matt Damon in a negative role. He’s Matt Damon! Good Will Hunting. The Bourne Identity.

I guess that’s it for all. Random shizz(?)

Sleep tight 🙂



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