Sleep sleepety sleep

7 May, Saturday
11:20 am

I woke just now. Sucks, I know. It’s pretty late.

I don’t like this cycle. Sleep so late. Get up so late. And after so mush sleep, feel so tired. Sigh
Also, did nothing productive when I wasn’t sleeping.

I was looking for something. Now, that I know that thing was never mine in the first place, I better stop looking for it. It was just a pretty memory. It’d forever be so.

Chagrin so petit

I have better things to do in life than sleep. I should do something about it.
Anyway, major practicals got over yesterday. Theory exams from 18th. They’d be ending by the end of this month.

I have to focus on Heat Transfer. I want to do really well in it. Get really good marks.

I’ll get going on now. Have to shampoo.
I read somewhere long ago, whenever you’re feeling down, take a bath and get into a nice pair of clothes. It’s like a new start, new day (even if it’s 7 in the evening).

See you then.
Lots of love 🙂


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