I really don’t know (make some magic happen)

2 September, Friday
6:30 pm


I’m not very psyched right now. About anything and everything. For that matter.
I guess I jst feel so dull. Like no spark. No firecrackers atm. uh

Being me. Sigh (or maybe not) 🙂

Well, just f ot all.

I don’t know what am I doing in my life. It’s final year (graduation). I need to study for placements. To get a job. But I don’t feel like studying. Not much. I just sit down at the books. With all the books lying in front of me. I solved a few (2 or 3) numericals today. Only.


Deep breathe. Calm down. It’ll be fine. It’ll all be fine. Just calm down.

There’s this online test tomorrow. GE. (Supposed to be really good.)

But. But. I haven’t prepared much. Like nothing if compared to what others must be doing right now (their level of preparedness)
Maybe, I don’t even care. I’m kinda hoping that I don’t clear the test. Because if I do, then I’ll have to sit for the interview. I’m so hopeless. GAWD!!

Get a hold. I have to sort out things in my life.

It’ll be all alright.

Universe is with me. Good things. Happy things. Keep calm. It’ll all be fine.

OKay then.
Bye BYe


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