This life is mine

6 September, Tuesday
10:40 pm

Yeah, I know it’s my life.
Um.. hello btw

So, it’s my life and I need to take it’s rein in my hands. It’s been enough. Me blaming all but myself.

It’s like I just exist. My life is dragging on. I’m not living my life. I don’t want to live like this anymore. And I won’t.

OKay, so what should I do now?
Write down stuff I want to accomplish (sounds so nerdy?)

You know, last few weeks (or maybe months), I was cribbing about my hair. I even considered going bald. But it’s alright now, in a much much better condition now.
Ha. You must be thinking here I am talking about my hair when people have other much more important stuff to worry about. Anyway, I just wrote this down to emphasise the fact that things do change for better.

I shouldn’t just flow aimlessly, like a piece of wood floating in the water. Though that does sound quite serene and peaceful. To just float. Maybe I should explain it in a better way. Yeah, the dragging thing. I shouldn’t just exist (I do and will exist anyway). I should live my life fully.

Ha ha. Hoping that my next life would be better. Maybe this is the next life I had hoped for (Whaaat!). I’m not all that old. I have a long way to live (hopefully). I should dream (with my eyes open, haha).

I should have the chaah (the desire) to live. I think I do now. At least I’ve started to. To want to live this life fully.

The universe. This world. Is my platter. I live as I wish to.


You know, last few days, I’ve been sleeping a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I want that spark in my life. You know, the one where I can’t wait to get out of the bed, because everyday is so beautiful and exciting. I want my everyday to be like that. Have a peaceful, soft and serene sleep. And an amazing day full of sparkles and magic. Haert-warming.

Live the life I want to live. Be the person I want to be.

I feel good right now. Light. And I can breathe.

Alright then. I’ll see you soon. And I’ll wear the uniform soon. Black looks so rad in winters.

Love you loads
Muaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

Thank you for everything.


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