Anyone there?

12 October, Wednesday
9:45 am

This is just the stuff I wrote down last time but never posted.
7 October, Friday
10:20 pm

Yeah. It’s 12:25 am, the next day. Sigh

I’m not sad. Maybe. But I ain’t hapy either.

It’s 1:04 am now. Am I sleepy? Maybe. A little. I’m hungry too

Anyway, getting back to today.
I have to take a bath. So, brb.

I’m back. 10:30 am
Washed my hair too. I write random shizz here, don’t I. It’s just um.. this place is like my personal space. My thoughts, pure and unbridled, bundled away. Ah

I had a lot on my mind, a few days ago. But, right now, when I’ve sat down to write (type out) everything, no words come to my mind. Strange.

Yeah. It was part about placements, part about life (how I’ve never and maybe never could (/can) be like those popular queen bee type girls, not that I want to be), part random fleeting thoughts. Eh.

Oh. Btw we decorated our room with fairy lights. It looks so quiet and peaceful. Little white lights, unblinking. Such little things give such happiness. It changed the whole look of our room.

It’s 1:13 pm. Yeah.

So, Universe, I know you’re on my side. Always have been. I’m just a late bloomer, I reckon. It has always been so, at least. I look okay now. Prettier (if I may). Earlier, like a few years ago in school, I didn’t. I sported a weird haircut, which changed every year. I remember once, I cut it so short, I looked like a boy. Ugh. Now, I have long flowing locks. Touchwood. Anyway, all this doesn’t really matter. How one looks. Or, maybe it does. Science says attractive counterparts earn more. Looks, huh?

I want to have a bikini body, you see. Maybe if a just lose a few kilo. Five, I think. It’d be great.

It’s 2:30 pm

So much drama. I don’t like fake and pretentious people. f those aholes. I won’t call them to my wedding. Huff. Maybe I’d have to though. Anyway.

Universe, get me placed in a really good company. Soon. Yay!

I want to earn and spread happiness. Clichéd much?

Idk why did I talk about having a bikini body. Sigh.
It’s fine. I’ll ttyl

Good day
Ta ta


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