Stay calm

25 October, Tuesday
7:40 pm


Alright. I’m okay now. A few moments ago, wasn’t. Yeah, got shouted at.

Anyway, should I feel all hopeless and sad and morose that I’m not placed yet. I feel like screaming. Don’t feel like running till I drop. Sigh.

What is happening?
Universe, you’re friendly. I know.
But what is happening. I have no effing idea.
Alright, calm down.

The day took off on a good note. I studied. More than a little. I gained a kilo btw. Bleh
I’m feeling irritated atm, for no reason at all. Maybe. Maybe, it’s a cocktail of the little little things brewing up a storm inside me. Aaaaaaah

I sighed just now. I have no clue.


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