Aye! I feel okay, better now. Somehow.

2 October, Wednesday
6:45 pm

I feel okay, atm. Yup.
I stumbled upon this artist quite recently. Aaah! I’m in love with his songs!!!!!!!! Boy, you’re amazing. Your voice, dulcet. In love with it. Totes

I know what will I do!
I’ll make a list of goals!
All of a sudden, I feel not sad. The good life. Ha.

Oh, btw I’m totally in love with his voice. Yep, still listening to his songs. I had dinner. It’s 7:30. Almost.

So, a bucket list! And just live my life. And I should be more proactive! I’m the only one who can take control of it. And and no more sleeping in the afternoon. Please! Don’t sleep in the afternoon. Sleep properly at night. 7 hours, more than enough. Then stay active through the day.
Yes. I’m cool. We’re cool!

Aye. I seem so excited. Ha ha. Don’t know why. Maybe. Maybe, my life’s about to change for the better. Yay!

I can feel it in the air *smiles*

Just live.

The universe is so friendly. I think so. I know so. Thank you for everything! Totes

You know who 😉


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