Today and everyday

9 January, Monday
11:20 am

Anyway, so Hi

I’m still not placed. And yesterday I had a heart to heart talk with a person. It was great. It was the person’s story. Really, I was dazzled by it. I never knew the stuff she told me. Some kids in high school can be such a mean bunch. But she overcame everything that was encumbering her from living a great life. She’s a really cool kid 🙂

I really do want to be a better person.
You know. I’ve realised this one thing. All that matters (well, mostly) is the people you have in your life. Loving, encouraging individuals can change one’s life for the better. Or you know, everyone just lives a happy peaceful life. But abusive, negative people, friends they’re all a big heap of shizz, no good.

So, yeah, peaceful life with loving kind beautiful individuals. That’s the dream.

I know there’s still kindness left in the world. I’ve myself, firsthand experienced kindness. Those are the beautiful people. The kind ones.


Um.. I had to say something different. But idk, well it’s okay. The good ones should be appreciated.

So, yeah

Love you loads
Live a great life
Stay strange (Ha ha)


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