Stay strange

30 January, Monday
9:17 pm


Um.. I’ve been meaning to talk (write) to you since quite sometime. I had this feeling like something is missing, not until I wrote on here. You know, like sending it across (into) the universe.

So, a week (and a half) ago, I got this really great news. Finally presented with an opportunity. Something that’d make my dream(s) come true. So, initially I had this feeling – I’ve never before in my life wanted anything with such intensity – yeah. But then now, it’s not exactly fuzzled out, it’s there, but not with the same intensity.

Regardless, I do want to wear the uniform. Yes, I do, with all my heart, Universe.
I absolutely love the uniform. The winter uniform. It’s black. It’s so classy. The coat, everything.

Ordinary love. Sentimental. The two songs I heard just now.


It’ll be all fine in the end. The little pieces of my life will all fit lovingly with each other.

Maybe, me being the way I am, you know.. um, can’t really describe it right now. But in short, this overthinking soul, who just wants to be.

I can’t act or say two lines properly in front of the camera. I get camera conscious, to such a great extent. Ugh.
I cannot dance. Like ever. In front of anyone. I just can’t. I just freeze. Wooden.


I trust you. Whoever, where ever you are. You just are. Something. Universe.

I don’t live life, I think. The way it’s supposed to be lived. But, it’s all okay. It’ll soon be all fine and dandy. It still is. Is right now too.

So, love all.

Stay chill đŸ™‚
Miss Hopeful


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