The occasional bout of rain

14 February, Tuesday
3:02 pm

Hey there!
So, the life changing interview’s from this Friday. And I’m so so freaking.. well, now that I think of it, I’m not exactly scared per se. A few moments ago, I did think that I’m scared, but not anymore. t should be fine. It’ll be some experience.

And a while ago I was fretting over not having any true real friends some trivial issue but it’s okay now. Maybe, I just overthink a wee bit more than the usual time and amount. I do have a bunch of friends, I could say, I think.

Ayeeee, why am I even thinking about this stuff.

I’ll go eat some honey. Really bad throat. Please get well before this Friday. Somehow. Anyhow. Idc. Yup.

If I clear this interview, it’d be a miracle. I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t be able to believe it. But I so hope it comes true and I get selected. I am writing this here (don’t know what am I talking about but let’s wait and see), one year from now, 14 February 2018 or even less, six months from now, August/Sept 2017; let’s see where would I stand. Mhmmmmm
Food for some thought. Ha.
I’ll connect the dots in the end. It’ll be so much fun.

Okay, so the things I want

a great job
a great bod
a great SO ❤ (so kind and loving (and smart (and tall (and handsome and a gentleman))))
a great attitude

Also Thank you 🙂 and *touchwood* for absolutely everything.
Love all


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