Life’s a game, is it?

24 February, Friday
8:35 pm

No TGIF for me, eh.

Anyway, a big hello!

I couldn’t clear the interview. Had told ya, it’d be a miracle if I did, didn’t I. And of course miracles don’t happen everyday.

I feel lonely sometimes, I think. Though I have friends and family. I love them, they love me. But still.
It’s like I’m lonely in a crowd. I’d be surrounded with people, I’d feel.. idk, just the same, regardless.

Exams from Monday. Haven’t started studying yet. I will soon though. It’ll be fine.

Whoever, wherever you are. I have no idea who am I talking about, but find me soon. I hope we meet soon. Idk why but I have this feeling that I’m about to meet you, soon, pretty soon.

You’re a friend. Hopefully.

My thoughts out here are so random. No one knows about this place. It’s like my personal thought palace.
Okay then
I’ll see you soon.

Lots of love
And lovely people

PS: About Time. Wonderful movie


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