A little of this and a little of that

4 March, Saturday
11:40 pm

Hi there!

Right, so I had written all this in the metro on my way back home on Wednesday.


1 March, Wednesday
6:55 pm

I think this thing would always be like this. Me not knowing what’s the joke about (basically, me never truly being ‘in’ in the group).
It’s not such a pleasant feeling, well of course. But it just is. I don’t know if I send good thoughts into the universe, would that change things?
I don’t know


Well, I should get over this stuff. But it’s just that, it’s good to be somewhere (where) you truly belong. I did know where or better yet with whom I actually did, but it was a wee bit late.

So, someone I truly adore and respect says that they don’t know my worth (don’t value me). And that I’ll soon meet the people who really do. Cheers to that day!
You know though, there are some lovely souls in my life rn who do know my worth. And I truly love them. They’re a bunch of beautiful people. I wish I had hung out more with them. But I do whenever I can.
It’s all a little messy tbh.

I wish I was (and still hope to be) a little (a lot more tbh) bolder.

There’s this another thing. I get so camera conscious. My candid photos do come out better for the same reason. Someone asks me to pose, and it’ll be a disaster (well, usually). I feel bad for the people in the same frame as me. It could have been a better photograph had I not been so awkward. Had I not been me. The *me* me.

So, tomorrow’s the first day (today, it’s after midnight now). And I think I better sleep now. Tomorrow (today) should be a great day. Uhhh. I shouldn’t overdo it. Have no expectations. That works better for me, you know. Alright then, tomorrow would be just like any other day. Perfectly normal.

Okay then
Lots of love ❤
And just goodness and happiness
And all the loveliness and kindness

It’s all working out, you (I) just can’t see it yet. It’s like the behind the scene productions is in a frenzy, making it all work. Making all the pieces fit together beautifully. You’ll soon see. It’ll be a dream. A soul-stirring beautiful one.

And thank you! Love you! 🙂

P.S: I think I did well in the exams. So, it’s all cool.


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