What’ll it be

10 March, Friday
4:00 pm

Sigh. Or maybe not.

Read this somewhere today, “No body is actually ever too busy to respond. If they didn’t answer, they didn’t want to”. It’s true after all. Yep. People just reply a little (read very) late, like it’s a formality they’ve to get over with (rather than not replying at all). Annoying, is it?

Aye, such sad talk. Let’s cheer up a little.

I did have some things to say. But can’t quite recall it atm.
Um okay. So, I’m a really really flawed person (which I’ve made amply clear before too). Yesterday, I slept mostly. Didn’t study at all. Didn’t do much today too, up till now.

Ah. Whatsoever will you do, little one (I’m talking to myself, yeah. Not crazy).

And why can’t I have an easy way out. I have to work, yep. It’s cool though.


What’s happening in the world. Peace, please do prevail.

see you


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