24 March ’17, Friday
10:14 am

Okay. Here I am. Again (like always, until one fine day).

So, I woke up at 8:30 today morning. Late, I know. I slept by 11 or 12. Sometime around that. I put the alarm for 6 sth. But of course I couldn’t, didn’t wake up. I could have, if I wanted to. But I just slept. Ahhh

Atm I have no discipline in my life.

Anyway, hi again. It’s 5:45 pm rn. Evening, yep.

I feel very restless atm. Didn’t study anything substantial. I just while away time. Wait for the day to end. And sleep.
Not nice J. Not nice at all.


Can you envision the kind of life you want?
Yes, right.
A quaint (little) house. A nice job. Time to shop, read books and go out. Have something nice to do all week. Something that gives me a purpose. Um.. I want to do something.
But to get the kind of job I want, I have to study a fair bit. Get some order in my life and work towards it.
Also, I want to go running in the mornings. I did start running a while a ago. Even continued for a bit, but after returning from there (saying bye bye to the rad black uniform), I was a little disheartened and just left it all.
And wear, dress however I want to. I mean, I still can but I get conscious. Bleh. That’s me
That’s why, become fitter (not that I am really healthy and fit rn). Then, I could experiment more.
Sleep less. I’ve noticed a day isn’t such a small amount of time. Lots can be done in a day. Yeah, if I do, I could do lots.

I know I have to sort it all out myself.

You know, so I came across these articles. More like stumbled upon them courtesy facebook. Anyway, so what it concluded was two things to lead a happy and/or fulfilled life.

  1. Quality of close relationships. Good life is built with good relationships
  2. Autonomy over your life. Independence, the degree of freedom you have over (/in) your life

So, I’m not really a loner. Though I might be. I do have a few good friends. But I don’t talk a lot. You know, I never share a lot of personal stuff. Well, now I do a little.
I can count my friends on my fingers. But so called friend- friend or kinda acquaintances, I mean they are friends but not really good friends. No connection. Yeah.
I have few good friends. Is that mutual though? To an extent, I think. I hope so.

And autonomy over life.. Well, you know what I’ve said before. That I’m just floating. Not even swimming towards the shore or the cruise ship. I just let things be. So, yeah, not much control.

I’m honest here. Just lay my thoughts bare here. Naked. I might seem like such a sob story.
Alright, get some focus now.

I’ll see you soon
Lots of love ❤
Goodness, sparkle and magic

P.S: Don't hide. The genuine you is a lovely person. Let your soul shine


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