I feel weird

6 July, Thursday
9:50 pm

My life. Ha.

Meanwhile watching ‘A Silent Voice’.
*after sometime* crying and crying.. Shokoooo

The movie ended :’)

People. Happiness. People

You know, when I started writing this post I had some other thing in mind. But.. yeah I was watching this movie. Engrossing.

What will you do? What are you doing with your life? Just wth are you fuckin’ doing?
Hmmm. Directionless. Can’t just get down to doing one thing, can you? What will you do? What are you doing?

I don’t know where from and how should I start? What is it even that I should start? That I should be doing?

And after coming back from the class, I didn’t even open my book. And as for the exam (that could lead to a potential job) next month, I’ve just given up. I just give up so easily always, don’t I?

I used to be really bad at studies till 4th standard. Started improving in 5th. The graph went upward from then. Performed well, really well in 10th. Then didn’t study much. Even in the final year, whose result is supposed to be really important to get admission, and even otherwise, it’s like a landmark sort of thing in your life. Well, I didn’t study much and scored alright, not extremely well.

Then in university first year, didn’t do all that well. Second year onward, once again, the graph was upward. When I look back now, I didn’t really make much memories. Time just went by.

And right now, well, time’s passing by right now too. But am I really moving forward?


I’ll ttyl
See ya
(oh and btw it’s past midnight)



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