What does the future hold

31 July, Monday
00: 41 (am ofc)

So, I have an interview tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.
I do ,I think, want to get through and clear the interview. Yes. Okay, so.. baaki I’ll leave up to God (the universe or fate).
I’ll prepare do my best, whatever can be done from my side.
Atm I’m curious as to what’d happen in the future. Sincerely I am.

Alright, I’ll tell you what I’m feeling atm. Well, it’s a bit of both. Anything can be possible until the moment actually happens. When all the probable possibilities converge into a singularity (I know that’s not what singularity is.. what I meant was the sole reality, the one and only single reality that eventually comes to fruition from so many what ifs)

*Deep breath*

You’ll be fine. Just give the interview. Yes.

Bbye  🙂


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