We all get over, eventually

3 August, Thursday
10:26 pm


  • I remember you
  • And while we were here
  • Lost in translation
  • The exploding girl
  • Brooklyn

A few movies I saw today and yesterday. Because I was sad. After what happened on Tuesday.
I’m watching Brooklyn atm. It’s nice. Interesting.
So, rn she’s back in Brooklyn.
She’d soon be torn between the two, won’t she?

Why is she keeping all his letters away in the drawer? Why Eilis, why!?
Oh god, did I tell you I absolutely loveeeee Domhnall Gleeson. So, the first I saw him was in one episode of Black Mirror. And then Ex Machina. Till then, I didn’t even know who he was. Then About Time, and I finally realised who he was, who he is.

He said ‘Better, even, maybe’.. awww. Sigh, but the good ol’ Italian fella.
So, now she’s going back to America. Uh uh. ‘Someone who’s only yours and you’ll realise that this is where your life is’. Oh, so that’s the end. But but her mom. It was a calm and sweet movie. Brooklyn.


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