Are we there yet?

4 September, Monday
1:54 am

I got a new phone last night!! I think I like it a fair bit. I like the interface.
I’m getting a haircut soon. I have long hair, waist length almost. Maybe I shouldn’t really get it too short. It kinda looks pretty when it’s shampooed and all combed properly.

I think I should make some efforts to lose a few kilos.  I’d look better then. Maybe even a little pretty. Bleh. Running is hard work. And more than that, the getting up in the morning to actually get running.
Okay, so it’s 2:42 am rn and I had a file to complete which I haven’t even started with. Ugh.
It’s 3:03 now.
Yeah. I’ll get going now.
Btw my life, it’s a little messy.
I was downloading and going through apps, podcast players actually.

Will get going now. Update you with my life later.
See ya ❤


A meh day

24 August, Thursday
11:50 pm

You know, now I think I’ve reached this point that when people don’t reply to texts, I am not bothered. It just happened now. And my attitude is eff it all. I don’t care.

*deep breath*
Anyway, just a thought – more than about making deep meaningful conversations, is it about flattering and networking with people?
Now, I think it is. People like flattery and small talk, do they?

I guess some ties and connections, they justget old and wither away. Not everyone gets to be a part of your story, long term. Some are just visitors. Like crossroads, I think. Touch and go.
It’s 1:11 am btw. Looking up topics for technical report writing.
Okay, so now I’ve looked through a few topics.

I’ll sleep now.

P.S: To whomsoever it may concern, make things right in my life, make me a better  person. See ya

The fear of missing out

23 August, Wednesday
10:24 pm

You know, I’ve always (since last few years to be a little less vague) been curious about conversations. I’d see two people (whom I’m not very close to, but I just know them, acquaintances basically) talking, and I’d be curious as to what could they be talking about.
What do people really talk about?
Do they ever go out of topics (so to say) to talk about?

I’m just weird. I overthink stuff. Not the important stuff though. Missing out on the big (/bigger) picture.
Okay. So, I’m sleepy atm but I’ll touch upon out of my reach conversation thing soon though.

Lots of love ❤

Only yesterday

22 August, Wednesday
4:54 pm

Discovered an old gem. Roads – Portishead
Oh I remember how I loved this song. It’s just so lovely. The music.
I think I’ll make a playlist sometime. Playlist of the pieces of my soul. Music is what keeps me sane. Keeps me alive.
You know, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a singer. Ha. Such dreams. At least I had dreams when I was a kid. Now? I don’t know. I don’t have that burning desire, the ruthless(?) ambition to go behind something. I just am. Letting things just be. [btw listening to Yellow – Pretty Lights, I like the name Pretty Lights] Letting the days pass, one into another.

I don’t think I’ve grown a lot, grown much as a person in the last four years. I got caught up in petty things with petty people [so, though they might be (if I may say) generous or maybe just good human beings with people of their choosing but not with everyone]. I spent some, more than some time tbh worrying and getting bothered when I should have let some things, let those people go.

I think I crave conversation. You know, the good kind with good people. Intense. Yet mellow. It leaves you satisfied. Yet wanting more.
I see myself as someone but I’m far from it. You know, how I’d like to be.
*deep breath*

Adios ❤

Weird talk

21 August
2:33 am

I had a v v weird conversation. I feel weird. I feel sad for myself.
How could you even. Uhhh. Learn to let things and people go. It is my fault.

Am I on a roll or what today? Oh gosh. I’m not marrying some other person.. too much of cultural differences. Uhhh
Thank god

Anyway. Today’s post means nothing. Just get over it, okay.

See ya! 🙂

Day after day

11 August, Friday
9:06 pm

So, idk what’s happening. Actually, I do know. I’m procrastinating. Big time. Now, I’ve been watching ‘She was pretty'(a South Korean tv series) since morning. Since I woke up. At 8:30-9.
Ahh, okay. Calm down. And I’ve gained a few kilos, again. Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay, so someone I know (sort of), got into something he had always desired. Wow. He just kept on and on and on. And he got through. I’m still.. wow. After so many attempts.

It’s 10:15 now. Was having dinner.
Anyway, getting a job is the best bet for me. I just can’t stay at home and prepare for something (an exam), because I procrastinate a lot.. and usually end up doing last minute preparations. Aishhhhh (something like what they say in those korean serials)

Okay. Bbye

8 August, Tuesday
8:43 pm

It’s seems like day after day after day.
I know, I’m not supposed to be like this.

You know, I’m on episode 8 of The Handmaid’s Tale.. been watching it since afternoon. I have an exam on 21st. Ha. And I’ve already given up.

We all get over, eventually

3 August, Thursday
10:26 pm


  • I remember you
  • And while we were here
  • Lost in translation
  • The exploding girl
  • Brooklyn

A few movies I saw today and yesterday. Because I was sad. After what happened on Tuesday.
I’m watching Brooklyn atm. It’s nice. Interesting.
So, rn she’s back in Brooklyn.
She’d soon be torn between the two, won’t she?

Why is she keeping all his letters away in the drawer? Why Eilis, why!?
Oh god, did I tell you I absolutely loveeeee Domhnall Gleeson. So, the first I saw him was in one episode of Black Mirror. And then Ex Machina. Till then, I didn’t even know who he was. Then About Time, and I finally realised who he was, who he is.

He said ‘Better, even, maybe’.. awww. Sigh, but the good ol’ Italian fella.
So, now she’s going back to America. Uh uh. ‘Someone who’s only yours and you’ll realise that this is where your life is’. Oh, so that’s the end. But but her mom. It was a calm and sweet movie. Brooklyn.