Not much to say

25 February, Saturday
11:13 pm

Right. So, hello.

I suppose you’re doing fine. And I’m alright, I think.

I don’t have a lot to say. Oh! I did get my learner’s license today. Yeah, and it was a long day today, and I didn’t study much. Nada tbh. I should start soon. You would, won’t you. Hopefully, I will.

I’m excited, kind of, for the classes beginning 5th. It’s a Sunday. I’ll get to learn so much. And more than anything else, I’m happy about the knowledge I’d attain (no kidding though). I know it sounds nerdy, but that’s how it is. I think I’ll enjoy those subjects.
Not so much technical overload, it’ll be lighter. Though there’ll be a lot of stuff to absorb, but I’m fine with it πŸ™‚

I’m happy that college is ending. I know, usually people aren’t so psyched about it, but I think college hasn’t been the usual happy carefree experience for me. Um.. there’s been a fair bit of (what’s the word) stormy waters that I’ve had to sail through. Weird vibes. Obfuscating relationships (?). Heartbreaks. People stomping all over my heart.


I’ve had my share. But I’ve met some lovely people too. I think in the end it boils down to the company you share (keep(?)). Going through such stuff made me realise who actually matter. To whom do I really matter..

I wouldn’t want to live these 4 years again. I know. But, it’s okay. These little things make me who I am.
I could have done so much more. Been a beautiful butterfly.
Run away from people who give you the heebie-jeebies. You really cannot force yourself to like someone. Vice-versa. It just happens. And it’s mutual, I guess, to an extent.

But it’s okay. I got to see both the worlds. The good, the bad. It made me appreciate all the goodness around me.

Yeah. I think I’ve said a lot more than not much. Thanks for bearing with me.

Also, I hope to get above 85% (somewhere around 86-87%) this semester. Btw I got 85.3% last semester. Yup. Thanks! For everything.

And I will get down with the studying. I’m such a big procrastinator -.-

Yeah. So see you soon.

Lots of love
Someone you know

Life’s a game, is it?

24 February, Friday
8:35 pm

No TGIF for me, eh.

Anyway, a big hello!

I couldn’t clear the interview. Had told ya, it’d be a miracle if I did, didn’t I. And of course miracles don’t happen everyday.

I feel lonely sometimes, I think. Though I have friends and family. I love them, they love me. But still.
It’s like I’m lonely in a crowd. I’d be surrounded with people, I’d feel.. idk, just the same, regardless.

Exams from Monday. Haven’t started studying yet. I will soon though. It’ll be fine.

Whoever, wherever you are. I have no idea who am I talking about, but find me soon. I hope we meet soon. Idk why but I have this feeling that I’m about to meet you, soon, pretty soon.

You’re a friend. Hopefully.

My thoughts out here are so random. No one knows about this place. It’s like my personal thought palace.
Okay then
I’ll see you soon.

Lots of love
And lovely people

PS: About Time. Wonderful movie

The occasional bout of rain

14 February, Tuesday
3:02 pm

Hey there!
So, the life changing interview’s from this Friday. And I’m so so freaking.. well, now that I think of it, I’m not exactly scared per se. A few moments ago, I did think that I’m scared, but not anymore. t should be fine. It’ll be some experience.

And a while ago I was fretting over not having any true real friends some trivial issue but it’s okay now. Maybe, I just overthink a wee bit more than the usual time and amount. I do have a bunch of friends, I could say, I think.

Ayeeee, why am I even thinking about this stuff.

I’ll go eat some honey. Really bad throat. Please get well before this Friday. Somehow. Anyhow. Idc. Yup.

If I clear this interview, it’d be a miracle. I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t be able to believe it. But I so hope it comes true and I get selected. I am writing this here (don’t know what am I talking about but let’s wait and see), one year from now, 14 February 2018 or even less, six months from now, August/Sept 2017; let’s see where would I stand. Mhmmmmm
Food for some thought. Ha.
I’ll connect the dots in the end. It’ll be so much fun.

Okay, so the things I want

a great job
a great bod
a great SO ❀ (so kind and loving (and smart (and tall (and handsome and a gentleman))))
a great attitude

Also Thank you πŸ™‚ and *touchwood* for absolutely everything.
Love all

Stay strange

30 January, Monday
9:17 pm


Um.. I’ve been meaning to talk (write) to you since quite sometime. I had this feeling like something is missing, not until I wrote on here. You know, like sending it across (into) the universe.

So, a week (and a half) ago, I got this really great news. Finally presented with an opportunity. Something that’d make my dream(s) come true. So, initially I had this feeling – I’ve never before in my life wanted anything with such intensity – yeah. But then now, it’s not exactly fuzzled out, it’s there, but not with the same intensity.

Regardless, I do want to wear the uniform. Yes, I do, with all my heart, Universe.
I absolutely love the uniform. The winter uniform. It’s black. It’s so classy. The coat, everything.

Ordinary love. Sentimental. The two songs I heard just now.


It’ll be all fine in the end. The little pieces of my life will all fit lovingly with each other.

Maybe, me being the way I am, you know.. um, can’t really describe it right now. But in short, this overthinking soul, who just wants to be.

I can’t act or say two lines properly in front of the camera. I get camera conscious, to such a great extent. Ugh.
I cannot dance. Like ever. In front of anyone. I just can’t. I just freeze. Wooden.


I trust you. Whoever, where ever you are. You just are. Something. Universe.

I don’t live life, I think. The way it’s supposed to be lived. But, it’s all okay. It’ll soon be all fine and dandy. It still is. Is right now too.

So, love all.

Stay chill πŸ™‚
Miss Hopeful

Today and everyday

9 January, Monday
11:20 am

Anyway, so Hi

I’m still not placed. And yesterday I had a heart to heart talk with a person. It was great. It was the person’s story. Really, I was dazzled by it. I never knew the stuff she told me. Some kids in high school can be such a mean bunch. But she overcame everything that was encumbering her from living a great life. She’s a really cool kid πŸ™‚

I really do want to be a better person.
You know. I’ve realised this one thing. All that matters (well, mostly) is the people you have in your life. Loving, encouraging individuals can change one’s life for the better. Or you know, everyone just lives a happy peaceful life. But abusive, negative people, friends they’re all a big heap of shizz, no good.

So, yeah, peaceful life with loving kind beautiful individuals. That’s the dream.

I know there’s still kindness left in the world. I’ve myself, firsthand experienced kindness. Those are the beautiful people. The kind ones.


Um.. I had to say something different. But idk, well it’s okay. The good ones should be appreciated.

So, yeah

Love you loads
Live a great life
Stay strange (Ha ha)

Aye! I feel okay, better now. Somehow.

2 October, Wednesday
6:45 pm

I feel okay, atm. Yup.
I stumbled upon this artist quite recently. Aaah! I’m in love with his songs!!!!!!!! Boy, you’re amazing. Your voice, dulcet. In love with it. Totes

I know what will I do!
I’ll make a list of goals!
All of a sudden, I feel not sad. The good life. Ha.

Oh, btw I’m totally in love with his voice. Yep, still listening to his songs. I had dinner. It’s 7:30. Almost.

So, a bucket list! And just live my life. And I should be more proactive! I’m the only one who can take control of it. And and no more sleeping in the afternoon. Please! Don’t sleep in the afternoon. Sleep properly at night. 7 hours, more than enough. Then stay active through the day.
Yes. I’m cool. We’re cool!

Aye. I seem so excited. Ha ha. Don’t know why. Maybe. Maybe, my life’s about to change for the better. Yay!

I can feel it in the air *smiles*

Just live.

The universe is so friendly. I think so. I know so. Thank you for everything! Totes

You know who πŸ˜‰

Stay calm

25 October, Tuesday
7:40 pm


Alright. I’m okay now. A few moments ago, wasn’t. Yeah, got shouted at.

Anyway, should I feel all hopeless and sad and morose that I’m not placed yet. I feel like screaming. Don’t feel like running till I drop. Sigh.

What is happening?
Universe, you’re friendly. I know.
But what is happening. I have no effing idea.
Alright, calm down.

The day took off on a good note. I studied. More than a little. I gained a kilo btw. Bleh
I’m feeling irritated atm, for no reason at all. Maybe. Maybe, it’s a cocktail of the little little things brewing up a storm inside me. Aaaaaaah

I sighed just now. I have no clue.

Anyone there?

12 October, Wednesday
9:45 am

This is just the stuff I wrote down last time but never posted.
7 October, Friday
10:20 pm

Yeah. It’s 12:25 am, the next day. Sigh

I’m not sad. Maybe. But I ain’t hapy either.

It’s 1:04 am now. Am I sleepy? Maybe. A little. I’m hungry too

Anyway, getting back to today.
I have to take a bath. So, brb.

I’m back. 10:30 am
Washed my hair too. I write random shizz here, don’t I. It’s just um.. this place is like my personal space. My thoughts, pure and unbridled, bundled away. Ah

I had a lot on my mind, a few days ago. But, right now, when I’ve sat down to write (type out) everything, no words come to my mind. Strange.

Yeah. It was part about placements, part about life (how I’ve never and maybe never could (/can) be like those popular queen bee type girls, not that I want to be), part random fleeting thoughts. Eh.

Oh. Btw we decorated our room with fairy lights. It looks so quiet and peaceful. Little white lights, unblinking. Such little things give such happiness. It changed the whole look of our room.

It’s 1:13 pm. Yeah.

So, Universe, I know you’re on my side. Always have been. I’m just a late bloomer, I reckon. It has always been so, at least. I look okay now. Prettier (if I may). Earlier, like a few years ago in school, I didn’t. I sported a weird haircut, which changed every year. I remember once, I cut it so short, I looked like a boy. Ugh. Now, I have long flowing locks. Touchwood. Anyway, all this doesn’t really matter. How one looks. Or, maybe it does. Science says attractive counterparts earn more. Looks, huh?

I want to have a bikini body, you see. Maybe if a just lose a few kilo. Five, I think. It’d be great.

It’s 2:30 pm

So much drama. I don’t like fake and pretentious people. f those aholes. I won’t call them to my wedding. Huff. Maybe I’d have to though. Anyway.

Universe, get me placed in a really good company. Soon. Yay!

I want to earn and spread happiness. ClichΓ©d much?

Idk why did I talk about having a bikini body. Sigh.
It’s fine. I’ll ttyl

Good day
Ta ta

This life is mine

6 September, Tuesday
10:40 pm

Yeah, I know it’s my life.
Um.. hello btw

So, it’s my life and I need to take it’s rein in my hands. It’s been enough. Me blaming all but myself.

It’s like I just exist. My life is dragging on. I’m not living my life. I don’t want to live like this anymore. And I won’t.

OKay, so what should I do now?
Write down stuff I want to accomplish (sounds so nerdy?)

You know, last few weeks (or maybe months), I was cribbing about my hair. I even considered going bald. But it’s alright now, in a much much better condition now.
Ha. You must be thinking here I am talking about my hair when people have other much more important stuff to worry about. Anyway, I just wrote this down to emphasise the fact that things do change for better.

I shouldn’t just flow aimlessly, like a piece of wood floating in the water. Though that does sound quite serene and peaceful. To just float. Maybe I should explain it in a better way. Yeah, the dragging thing. I shouldn’t just exist (I do and will exist anyway). I should live my life fully.

Ha ha. Hoping that my next life would be better. Maybe this is the next life I had hoped for (Whaaat!). I’m not all that old. I have a long way to live (hopefully). I should dream (with my eyes open, haha).

I should have the chaah (the desire) to live. I think I do now. At least I’ve started to. To want to live this life fully.

The universe. This world. Is my platter. I live as I wish to.


You know, last few days, I’ve been sleeping a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I want that spark in my life. You know, the one where I can’t wait to get out of the bed, because everyday is so beautiful and exciting. I want my everyday to be like that. Have a peaceful, soft and serene sleep. And an amazing day full of sparkles and magic. Haert-warming.

Live the life I want to live. Be the person I want to be.

I feel good right now. Light. And I can breathe.

Alright then. I’ll see you soon. And I’ll wear the uniform soon. Black looks so rad in winters.

Love you loads
Muaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh πŸ™‚

Thank you for everything.

I really don’t know (make some magic happen)

2 September, Friday
6:30 pm


I’m not very psyched right now. About anything and everything. For that matter.
I guess I jst feel so dull. Like no spark. No firecrackers atm. uh

Being me. Sigh (or maybe not) πŸ™‚

Well, just f ot all.

I don’t know what am I doing in my life. It’s final year (graduation). I need to study for placements. To get a job. But I don’t feel like studying. Not much. I just sit down at the books. With all the books lying in front of me. I solved a few (2 or 3) numericals today. Only.


Deep breathe. Calm down. It’ll be fine. It’ll all be fine. Just calm down.

There’s this online test tomorrow. GE. (Supposed to be really good.)

But. But. I haven’t prepared much. Like nothing if compared to what others must be doing right now (their level of preparedness)
Maybe, I don’t even care. I’m kinda hoping that I don’t clear the test. Because if I do, then I’ll have to sit for the interview. I’m so hopeless. GAWD!!

Get a hold. I have to sort out things in my life.

It’ll be all alright.

Universe is with me. Good things. Happy things. Keep calm. It’ll all be fine.

OKay then.
Bye BYe