Life’s a game, is it?

24 February, Friday
8:35 pm

No TGIF for me, eh.

Anyway, a big hello!

I couldn’t clear the interview. Had told ya, it’d be a miracle if I did, didn’t I. And of course miracles don’t happen everyday.

I feel lonely sometimes, I think. Though I have friends and family. I love them, they love me. But still.
It’s like I’m lonely in a crowd. I’d be surrounded with people, I’d feel.. idk, just the same, regardless.

Exams from Monday. Haven’t started studying yet. I will soon though. It’ll be fine.

Whoever, wherever you are. I have no idea who am I talking about, but find me soon. I hope we meet soon. Idk why but I have this feeling that I’m about to meet you, soon, pretty soon.

You’re a friend. Hopefully.

My thoughts out here are so random. No one knows about this place. It’s like my personal thought palace.
Okay then
I’ll see you soon.

Lots of love
And lovely people

PS: About Time. Wonderful movie


Aye! I feel okay, better now. Somehow.

2 October, Wednesday
6:45 pm

I feel okay, atm. Yup.
I stumbled upon this artist quite recently. Aaah! I’m in love with his songs!!!!!!!! Boy, you’re amazing. Your voice, dulcet. In love with it. Totes

I know what will I do!
I’ll make a list of goals!
All of a sudden, I feel not sad. The good life. Ha.

Oh, btw I’m totally in love with his voice. Yep, still listening to his songs. I had dinner. It’s 7:30. Almost.

So, a bucket list! And just live my life. And I should be more proactive! I’m the only one who can take control of it. And and no more sleeping in the afternoon. Please! Don’t sleep in the afternoon. Sleep properly at night. 7 hours, more than enough. Then stay active through the day.
Yes. I’m cool. We’re cool!

Aye. I seem so excited. Ha ha. Don’t know why. Maybe. Maybe, my life’s about to change for the better. Yay!

I can feel it in the air *smiles*

Just live.

The universe is so friendly. I think so. I know so. Thank you for everything! Totes

You know who 😉

This life is mine

6 September, Tuesday
10:40 pm

Yeah, I know it’s my life.
Um.. hello btw

So, it’s my life and I need to take it’s rein in my hands. It’s been enough. Me blaming all but myself.

It’s like I just exist. My life is dragging on. I’m not living my life. I don’t want to live like this anymore. And I won’t.

OKay, so what should I do now?
Write down stuff I want to accomplish (sounds so nerdy?)

You know, last few weeks (or maybe months), I was cribbing about my hair. I even considered going bald. But it’s alright now, in a much much better condition now.
Ha. You must be thinking here I am talking about my hair when people have other much more important stuff to worry about. Anyway, I just wrote this down to emphasise the fact that things do change for better.

I shouldn’t just flow aimlessly, like a piece of wood floating in the water. Though that does sound quite serene and peaceful. To just float. Maybe I should explain it in a better way. Yeah, the dragging thing. I shouldn’t just exist (I do and will exist anyway). I should live my life fully.

Ha ha. Hoping that my next life would be better. Maybe this is the next life I had hoped for (Whaaat!). I’m not all that old. I have a long way to live (hopefully). I should dream (with my eyes open, haha).

I should have the chaah (the desire) to live. I think I do now. At least I’ve started to. To want to live this life fully.

The universe. This world. Is my platter. I live as I wish to.


You know, last few days, I’ve been sleeping a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I want that spark in my life. You know, the one where I can’t wait to get out of the bed, because everyday is so beautiful and exciting. I want my everyday to be like that. Have a peaceful, soft and serene sleep. And an amazing day full of sparkles and magic. Haert-warming.

Live the life I want to live. Be the person I want to be.

I feel good right now. Light. And I can breathe.

Alright then. I’ll see you soon. And I’ll wear the uniform soon. Black looks so rad in winters.

Love you loads
Muaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

Thank you for everything.