Exams! Yeah, again.

11 September, Friday
11 am


Hey. I am alright. And yeah, exams from monday, once again.

I studied a little, very little, here and there over this week. High time I get serious, but once again who am I kidding?

It’s the same cycle every effing time. At least, I had the realisation a bit earlier than when I do every time.

Don’t you worry! All’s under control. Dreaming of a second life (pathetic), when I ain’t living the first one perfectly. Of course, I’m no batman. Haha 😀 Batman.. things I think.

Old habits die hard.

Anyway, I’m hungry. Will grab something to eat. Take a bath and start with the ‘studies’. (I woke up pretty late today, 10 am).


It’s 11:20. Had breakfast just now.

Might be having a lazy attitude. I really don’t know. Anyway, I’ll get going now.

Wish me goodluck. ‘Great things await me’

Everything is falling into place.

Love you loads.. Muaahhhhhhh

P.S: You’re beautiful. Smart. Kind. Charming. Just be happy. I won’t say be the way you are, because as we of know I’m not the best person someone could be, full of flaws and all. So, strive to be a better better person. Polish. Tweak. Refine.

The world’s your platter. Have fun! 😀


Maybe Someday

13 December, Saturday
11:40 pm

Maybe. Someday.

I’m in love with it 🙂
Finished reading the book just now. Yeah, despite the fact I have an exam in less than 48 hours (to be precise, 34 hours).

One of my friends messaged me a few days ago, urging me to read this book. It’s on the goodreads list. A good book.
I started with it, read a little less than half, on Wednesday. Picked it up again a few hours ago and couldn’t stop until I finished reading it.

Ridge and Sydney. It was just so perfect what they had. They were so in sync.
It feels so good, like a warm rush of feel good hormones after reading a happy ending.
Personally, I’m a big fan of happy endings. Who isn’t? 🙂

There was this quote :

‘Sometimes in life, we need a few bad days in order to keep the good ones in perspective.’
-Colleen Hoover, Maybe Someday.

It makes sense. Well, of course. It’s true. You won’t come to know the good in your life until you have something to compare it with. Something not so good to make the good ones worth it. To make you value it.
The author puts it across well.

I was just smiling right now.

Life’s good. Touchwood*