Some days are so long

22 March, Sunday


What’s up?
On my side, nothing new. It’s the same old story. But I wrote two answers on quora today 😀
Yeah, I answer too. But mostly I read. Just read and read.

24 hours is a long time. Really. Just need to make good use of it. You see, I’m a (kind of) procrastinator. Yup, you heard it right.

Anyway, gotta go now. Goodnight 🙂


Kem cho? Majama!

12 December, Friday
9:30 pm


There should be a much more interesting way to greet. Something more happening?
Like.. Hola people! What’s up?!! (A little too much? Is it?)

What else?

1st person: ‘Kem cho’
2nd person: ‘Majama’
It’s in Gujarati, which when translated to English is,
1st person: ‘How are you?’
2nd person: ‘Good’

In English, it sounds the same old way but in Gujarati Kem cho Majama has it’s own feel.
And I love it, yes, I do 🙂 (I realised this love this instant, the present moment)

Writing is fun! 😀

So, yeah, I have end semesters from Monday. Technically it should be from Tuesday but an exception for the select few students who didn’t do particularly well in a particular subject last year. Now I’m not saying anymore.
This topic is closed now. After all, ‘Samajhdar ko ishaara hi kaafi hai’ rough translation ‘A hint is more than enough for the clever’

Something else.

Something happened with me today morning. Not with me. It unfolded in front of my eyes. I’m still shaken by it. You know, chill runs down my spine just by thinking of it. But this story is not for today. I’ll tell you whole incident soon, when I have a little more time on my hands.

Yes, I need to study now. I’ll start with Strength of Materials right now. Complete Numerical Methods tomorrow. This time all of my exams would go well 🙂
Thank you for everything 🙂

Love you too
Muahhh.. 🙂

P.S: I think I’m a little more regular now, here. It’s not been too many days since I last blogged. Less than a week 🙂