21 September, Thursday
2:06 pm

Anyway, it’s 2:37 pm.
So, have a little cousin over. Kids. Ask so many questions. And I’ve noticed he gets bored v v easily. Short attention span.

So, over to my life. Since quite some time, I’ve been saying that it’s a mess. It seems so. Maybe, it truly is. I need to take a broom and declutter it.

I’m doing masters. In technology. In a subject I don’t like the least bit. From the same college I did my bachelors from. I hate every minute of it. Maybe hate’s too strong a word. But I just don’t like it, not even the least bit.

Idk, it just feels like I’m in a suspended state. Lost. Adrift.
what should I do?

should I let things happen or should I make things happen?
should I swim towards the shore or should I let the waves take me wherever?

you know, I’ve been sleeping in the afternoons more, more than usual. that’s what happens when I’m feeling down. so, it happens when I’m not engaged in something meaningful, or just busy with something. like, I won’t have time to feel sad or whatever it is that  I feel when I have exams going on. it’s anxiety and looming darkness what I feel before and during exams.

I feel like I should just write you know pen and paper kind, see you soon then
love ya ❤


oh universe

29 June, Wednesday
12:30 am

Okay, so I just finished watching ‘White Christmas – Black Mirror’. Gosh. I have no words. It was sad. Really sad. The end was dreadful. Absolutely. Blocked. That too, by everyone. Sh*t.


There was smething I had written Monday, but it stored in the drafts.
I’m a confused soul, you know. Not something I’m proud of. Sigh. It’s exhausting actually.

So, it’s been one month (almost) since exams got over. Is it possible to feel clueyness for oneself? eh I’m just beng weird.

Right, so one month, and I had thought of so many things to do. I just need to sort to out my life. You know, like put iron, fold your clothes and put them properly into shelves. Yeah, something like that.

Yeah, so that’s me^
eh, the old me, the me me

Maybe, I’m just ranting. I need to rant and get it out of my system, perhaps.
Right, anyway, get hold of yourself. Piece your freaking life together. Yeah. You need to, I need to. Hold it together. Get your sh*t together forgodssake.

  • Okay, so sleep peacefully. I’ll sort out the internship project today. Yes, I will. Today itself. Go to the plant tomorrow and take the observations needed and wrap up the project this week (hopefully) itself.
  • What else? Yeah, solve quantative and aptitude numericals.
  • Exercise! 20 situps repetitions. You know why. I know why. I need to be fit if I want to get in. Enrolled. Pay check yada yada
  • Just be more confident, in general.

I think that’s all for all.

See ya! 🙂