It all begins.. Exams!

6 May
11:35 am

Good morning

So, now I’ve decided I’d tell you everything.
‘No secrets, no lies’

Whatever I’d otherwise write incognito.. I’d share it with you 🙂

What is going on right now in my life?

Exams! Practicals!

Tomorrow it is Physics and Engineering Mechanics (Practicals). To tell you the truth I haven’t started studying for it yet.. Yeah! I know I’m a biiiggg procrastinator.

Yesterday we had the first major practical of this semester – Workshop.
Our group got Sheet Metal – Cut out a hexagon (with two extended sides) from a GI sheet using snip.. use a mallet etc etc. (You get the picture, right?)

Just FYI I’m a freshman (in my first year.. a novice, a noob.. whatever you may call it).

So I’ll get started with physics now. 🙂

Have a nice day!
See you soon.