Not much to say

25 February, Saturday
11:13 pm

Right. So, hello.

I suppose you’re doing fine. And I’m alright, I think.

I don’t have a lot to say. Oh! I did get my learner’s license today. Yeah, and it was a long day today, and I didn’t study much. Nada tbh. I should start soon. You would, won’t you. Hopefully, I will.

I’m excited, kind of, for the classes beginning 5th. It’s a Sunday. I’ll get to learn so much. And more than anything else, I’m happy about the knowledge I’d attain (no kidding though). I know it sounds nerdy, but that’s how it is. I think I’ll enjoy those subjects.
Not so much technical overload, it’ll be lighter. Though there’ll be a lot of stuff to absorb, but I’m fine with it 🙂

I’m happy that college is ending. I know, usually people aren’t so psyched about it, but I think college hasn’t been the usual happy carefree experience for me. Um.. there’s been a fair bit of (what’s the word) stormy waters that I’ve had to sail through. Weird vibes. Obfuscating relationships (?). Heartbreaks. People stomping all over my heart.


I’ve had my share. But I’ve met some lovely people too. I think in the end it boils down to the company you share (keep(?)). Going through such stuff made me realise who actually matter. To whom do I really matter..

I wouldn’t want to live these 4 years again. I know. But, it’s okay. These little things make me who I am.
I could have done so much more. Been a beautiful butterfly.
Run away from people who give you the heebie-jeebies. You really cannot force yourself to like someone. Vice-versa. It just happens. And it’s mutual, I guess, to an extent.

But it’s okay. I got to see both the worlds. The good, the bad. It made me appreciate all the goodness around me.

Yeah. I think I’ve said a lot more than not much. Thanks for bearing with me.

Also, I hope to get above 85% (somewhere around 86-87%) this semester. Btw I got 85.3% last semester. Yup. Thanks! For everything.

And I will get down with the studying. I’m such a big procrastinator -.-

Yeah. So see you soon.

Lots of love
Someone you know

I really don’t know (make some magic happen)

2 September, Friday
6:30 pm


I’m not very psyched right now. About anything and everything. For that matter.
I guess I jst feel so dull. Like no spark. No firecrackers atm. uh

Being me. Sigh (or maybe not) 🙂

Well, just f ot all.

I don’t know what am I doing in my life. It’s final year (graduation). I need to study for placements. To get a job. But I don’t feel like studying. Not much. I just sit down at the books. With all the books lying in front of me. I solved a few (2 or 3) numericals today. Only.


Deep breathe. Calm down. It’ll be fine. It’ll all be fine. Just calm down.

There’s this online test tomorrow. GE. (Supposed to be really good.)

But. But. I haven’t prepared much. Like nothing if compared to what others must be doing right now (their level of preparedness)
Maybe, I don’t even care. I’m kinda hoping that I don’t clear the test. Because if I do, then I’ll have to sit for the interview. I’m so hopeless. GAWD!!

Get a hold. I have to sort out things in my life.

It’ll be all alright.

Universe is with me. Good things. Happy things. Keep calm. It’ll all be fine.

OKay then.
Bye BYe

God save me!

23 April, Saturday
2:45 am


Exams from Monday. It’s that time of the semester again! Yup. Exam time. Second minors then majors. I haven’t studied much yet. Didn’t get much time. Had to go to college yesterday too. Sigh.

Anyway, I just hope I score above 80% in this semester. Last semester it was 79%.

I been procrastinating studying since soo long today. Ahhhhhh. Escaping it. Now stop with this talk. Seriously. I’m so.. idk.. it’s all my doing. End minute studies. Alright. Deep breath.
How can I be so foolish? Making the same mistakes, same promises again and again.

It’ll be fine. I have another day. Yes. It’ll be fine.

Now, just pull up your socks and give your best. You can do it. Yes! I can do it.

Go on.

Goodnight now.
Got loads to study.

Exams! Yeah, again.

11 September, Friday
11 am


Hey. I am alright. And yeah, exams from monday, once again.

I studied a little, very little, here and there over this week. High time I get serious, but once again who am I kidding?

It’s the same cycle every effing time. At least, I had the realisation a bit earlier than when I do every time.

Don’t you worry! All’s under control. Dreaming of a second life (pathetic), when I ain’t living the first one perfectly. Of course, I’m no batman. Haha 😀 Batman.. things I think.

Old habits die hard.

Anyway, I’m hungry. Will grab something to eat. Take a bath and start with the ‘studies’. (I woke up pretty late today, 10 am).


It’s 11:20. Had breakfast just now.

Might be having a lazy attitude. I really don’t know. Anyway, I’ll get going now.

Wish me goodluck. ‘Great things await me’

Everything is falling into place.

Love you loads.. Muaahhhhhhh

P.S: You’re beautiful. Smart. Kind. Charming. Just be happy. I won’t say be the way you are, because as we of know I’m not the best person someone could be, full of flaws and all. So, strive to be a better better person. Polish. Tweak. Refine.

The world’s your platter. Have fun! 😀

Off my chest

6 April, Monday
8:00 am


So, here I am, again 😀

There is something I want to get off my chest.

You remember how I told you about me being a big time procrastinator. Well, this is about that.
Today is Monday, you see. Last four days, Thursday to Sunday, holidays.. and you know what, I didn’t read (as in study) a single word. So much for being a changed person.

Anyway I have a test tomorrow, Applied Mathematics, for which I’ll start studying today, in a few minutes.

Also, there’s something else that’s been bothering me. I should stop with the strange talk. Talking to them gets me nowhere unless I have the luxury of abundant time. All those four days, frittered away.
Frivolity. I should stop with it.

Man! Will I ever get out of it. This cycle.
I know, it’s all in my hands. I haven’t fallen into the rabbit hole yet. Yet. I should be careful. Mend my path while I still have the chance.

Yeah. That’s all.
I should be more serious now.

Anyway. I’ll get going.

P.S: Life is a gift. Remember that (This is for me.. I tend to forget it)

Bury my head in sand?

28 February, Saturday
3:30 pm

Why am I the way I am?

Not a perfect picture (of course no one is), rough around the edges. Not so disciplined. Taking the easy way out. Just so average.

You know, I don’t like what I’m doing to life. My life. I think I’m just dragging on, living mindlessly (that’s a little exaggerated, but you get the point). Not a zombie, maybe a zombie with a little life left. Geez, I sound so depressing..

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. So many hours of sleep, it’s bound to make some wiring go askew in my head. I don’t know, just saying.

You know the phrase, bury your head in sand, that’s exactly what I do.

I had to start studying the subject Theory of Machines today. But then again I slept around 12:30 pm or so, put an alarm for 1:30 but didn’t wake up before 3. Ha. Seriously. Why do I do this?


Yet have to sit down and start studying.

When will I stop with the strange talk? Perhaps, when my life becomes more real.. What shizz am I writing?

Hopefully, everything will be fine, soon. It’ll be all hunky-dory. Yes 🙂

On a not-so-depressing-note

XOXO.. Muaahhh
See you soon.


16 May, Friday
8:35 pm


So.. Okay. I had my first end semester exam yesterday.. Can you guess which subject? MATHS!!
Not that I’m scared of Maths.. but since a last few months I’m not particularly doing very well in Maths. You know Why? Lack of practice.. Yup! That’s the reason.. I accept it.

Since I got into Uni I’ve become a little (more than a little) complacent. Taking things for granted. Then postponing the things on the to-do list again and again.. The same vicious cycle I talked about earlier.. Procrastination.

To tell you the truth.. I have Communication Skills exam tomorrow.. and I opened the notebook (where I make notes) right now. Yup! Right now..
Look at me! Every friggin time.. Ahhhh
I’ll be able to complete the syllabus by tomorrow morning. Yup! Because I had prepared for it during the mid semester exams. It’ll go fine.


See you soon

Procrastination.. Why?

13 May
2:50 pm


I don’t understand why do I always do this to myself..
I deliberately while away time until I reach a point of time where wasting it anymore would be detrimental and could lead to not clearing the exam.

Why? Why? Why?

How many times do I have to make the same mistake and then make the same promise again and again? It’s a vicious cycle… When the hell would I get out of it?

I really wanna get over it.

It’s like I’ll keep procrastinating studying until the very last moment.. when I can’t delay it any further.

I have a Maths exam on Thursday.
Yeah.. And being the way I am I haven’t started studying for it. What do I do the whole day? You know I just hate myself for it.

I wouldn’t have written all this had this not been an anonymous blog.

It’s like a cresendo.. All those untouched things.. They keep accumulating and BOOM!! fall down all at once.

Okay. Now I’ll get down to studying. Enough talking for now.

Hope the exams go well.. Yeah! Even with my last minute preparation..

See ya