oh life

30 April, 2018
7:15 pm

why do I have to be this way.. why does life have to be this way?
I gave a mock test.. and the score was awful. Not that I gave it seriously. What would happen?
I feel sad and depressed because of it. Urghh

I feel like crying.. I should declutter my life. I’ve already cleared out the clothes I had stopped wearing long ago. I should do the same with books. Yes, I should. Then, maybe with my body. You know, keep fit.



I’m sad. It’s all a sham, isn’t it

1 August, Tuesday
7:44 pm

I’m not thrilled or happy. I’m just sad. It’s like I feel nothing atm.
Yeah, I didn’t clear the interview. Uhhhhhhh

And I missed the classes on the weekend. Ha. What did you achieve? Nada
I feel empty. Bare. Just nothing.

You know when the first round was over, I was furiously revising stuff. And somewhere when we all were waiting, I just had this feeling. You know, this intense feeling that said I ain’t getting through this time. And I kind of knew.

Ha. I’m just a mere candidate for them. I’m good, I match their requirements, I’m in. If not, they don’t give a shit.  I’m just another fuckin’ candidate for them.

No one’s to blame, is it so?
Little B is sitting beside me. I love her ❤
Such beautiful creatures. Little doggos.

Okay. Enough with my sob story.

I am (or was) a little sad..

26 April, Tuesday
6:50 pm


Had an exam today. It didn’t go that well. Not proportional to the efforts I had put it. Sigh (again)
I was kind of a little sad when the paper got over. People were happy with how their paper went, but not me. Alas. There was a 5 marker. I had rattofied, knew all the points by heart, but.. eh.
Ahh. That’s why sometimes I feel like all this is moh maya (illusion and shizz).

I’ll start studying for tomorrow’s exam. Wish me goodluck!

I’ll part on a cheerful note though.
This is life, so it’s okay. All part of it. Light and shadow.
All cool!

See ya!
Love you loads