Does it ever end?

14 May, Saturday
1:30 pm

Exam time yet again. Sigh.
Just why????
Why do I do this to myself again and again. Not even four days left. I’m still not studying.

Okay. Whatever. Now I have to concentrate.
I don’t feel like writing anymore.



I am (or was) a little sad..

26 April, Tuesday
6:50 pm


Had an exam today. It didn’t go that well. Not proportional to the efforts I had put it. Sigh (again)
I was kind of a little sad when the paper got over. People were happy with how their paper went, but not me. Alas. There was a 5 marker. I had rattofied, knew all the points by heart, but.. eh.
Ahh. That’s why sometimes I feel like all this is moh maya (illusion and shizz).

I’ll start studying for tomorrow’s exam. Wish me goodluck!

I’ll part on a cheerful note though.
This is life, so it’s okay. All part of it. Light and shadow.
All cool!

See ya!
Love you loads

God save me!

23 April, Saturday
2:45 am


Exams from Monday. It’s that time of the semester again! Yup. Exam time. Second minors then majors. I haven’t studied much yet. Didn’t get much time. Had to go to college yesterday too. Sigh.

Anyway, I just hope I score above 80% in this semester. Last semester it was 79%.

I been procrastinating studying since soo long today. Ahhhhhh. Escaping it. Now stop with this talk. Seriously. I’m so.. idk.. it’s all my doing. End minute studies. Alright. Deep breath.
How can I be so foolish? Making the same mistakes, same promises again and again.

It’ll be fine. I have another day. Yes. It’ll be fine.

Now, just pull up your socks and give your best. You can do it. Yes! I can do it.

Go on.

Goodnight now.
Got loads to study.

Mundane everyday

8 May, Tuesday
9:10 pm

So, hello! 😀

Not as happy as I seem and certainly not as sad as I might be.
^ makes much sense? Well, who cares! 😛
Yeah, just kidding.

What’s up in my life?
You must be wondering, were you?
Well, maybe you weren’t. Who am I to give so much importance to my life.

Exams are on. Ending on 4th June. Then from 5th I’ll start with my summer internship. Excited much?
Well, haven’t started studying yet for the exam on Thursday. I had studied only a little on Friday, last week. Still have a lot to do. I should start with it now. It’s ‘Theory of Machines’, just in case you were wondering 😛

It’s always good talking to you. Letting you know what’s up in my life. Sharing my woes. Happiness. Everything.
Thanks. For being a patient listener.


P.S: The universe is plotting to do good for (or against) you. Inverse Polaroid, ya know. All’s well 🙂

Off my chest

6 April, Monday
8:00 am


So, here I am, again 😀

There is something I want to get off my chest.

You remember how I told you about me being a big time procrastinator. Well, this is about that.
Today is Monday, you see. Last four days, Thursday to Sunday, holidays.. and you know what, I didn’t read (as in study) a single word. So much for being a changed person.

Anyway I have a test tomorrow, Applied Mathematics, for which I’ll start studying today, in a few minutes.

Also, there’s something else that’s been bothering me. I should stop with the strange talk. Talking to them gets me nowhere unless I have the luxury of abundant time. All those four days, frittered away.
Frivolity. I should stop with it.

Man! Will I ever get out of it. This cycle.
I know, it’s all in my hands. I haven’t fallen into the rabbit hole yet. Yet. I should be careful. Mend my path while I still have the chance.

Yeah. That’s all.
I should be more serious now.

Anyway. I’ll get going.

P.S: Life is a gift. Remember that (This is for me.. I tend to forget it)

Game Theory!

18 January, Sunday
4:00 pm


So, what’s new? (Were you wondering about the same?)

I’m learning Game Theory. Yeap.
Online lectures. A short course on NPTEL. The deadline for the submission of the first assignment is tomorrow. Yeah. And I’ve done only 5 questions yet, out of fifteen. (Beat that! Haha)

You know, it’s very interesting. I had read about it in a magazine sometime ago, and look a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the chance to study it. Well, I am exaggerating. I could any day look it up online. Yup, ‘Google it’.
But, being the kind of person I am, I never bothered. Just kidding. 🙂

So, I learnt about the Prisoners’ Dilemma, Nash Equilibrium, Dominant Strategies, Battle of Sexes etc. I’ve only done seven lectures till now.
If they’ve taught us the basics (I suppose), the questions asked in the assignment are a little hard. It takes some thinking. One has to put on his thinking cap, stuff like that.
It’s great, nevertheless.
You could compute the ‘best response’ in various situations. Situations like – sit or stand in a concert (to get a better view); speak softly or have loud conversations in a party, when most people are having loud conversations – day to day life occurrences.

Anyway, I gotta go now.

I’ll be back soon (‘soon’, it has such an abstract meaning, soon, how soon?).

Love you too 🙂
Muaahh.. XOXO

Kem cho? Majama!

12 December, Friday
9:30 pm


There should be a much more interesting way to greet. Something more happening?
Like.. Hola people! What’s up?!! (A little too much? Is it?)

What else?

1st person: ‘Kem cho’
2nd person: ‘Majama’
It’s in Gujarati, which when translated to English is,
1st person: ‘How are you?’
2nd person: ‘Good’

In English, it sounds the same old way but in Gujarati Kem cho Majama has it’s own feel.
And I love it, yes, I do 🙂 (I realised this love this instant, the present moment)

Writing is fun! 😀

So, yeah, I have end semesters from Monday. Technically it should be from Tuesday but an exception for the select few students who didn’t do particularly well in a particular subject last year. Now I’m not saying anymore.
This topic is closed now. After all, ‘Samajhdar ko ishaara hi kaafi hai’ rough translation ‘A hint is more than enough for the clever’

Something else.

Something happened with me today morning. Not with me. It unfolded in front of my eyes. I’m still shaken by it. You know, chill runs down my spine just by thinking of it. But this story is not for today. I’ll tell you whole incident soon, when I have a little more time on my hands.

Yes, I need to study now. I’ll start with Strength of Materials right now. Complete Numerical Methods tomorrow. This time all of my exams would go well 🙂
Thank you for everything 🙂

Love you too
Muahhh.. 🙂

P.S: I think I’m a little more regular now, here. It’s not been too many days since I last blogged. Less than a week 🙂