Mundane everyday

8 May, Tuesday
9:10 pm

So, hello! 😀

Not as happy as I seem and certainly not as sad as I might be.
^ makes much sense? Well, who cares! 😛
Yeah, just kidding.

What’s up in my life?
You must be wondering, were you?
Well, maybe you weren’t. Who am I to give so much importance to my life.

Exams are on. Ending on 4th June. Then from 5th I’ll start with my summer internship. Excited much?
Well, haven’t started studying yet for the exam on Thursday. I had studied only a little on Friday, last week. Still have a lot to do. I should start with it now. It’s ‘Theory of Machines’, just in case you were wondering 😛

It’s always good talking to you. Letting you know what’s up in my life. Sharing my woes. Happiness. Everything.
Thanks. For being a patient listener.


P.S: The universe is plotting to do good for (or against) you. Inverse Polaroid, ya know. All’s well 🙂


Japanese it is

7 December, Sunday
8:00 pm

Hello, After a very very long time. This time the counter is at 2 months, well approximately. Sooner than 4 months, I’d say.

So, I made a decision a few moments ago. I’ll learn Japanese next year. I did a small stint at learning French this year, last semester from January to April. I found French to be a very elegant language, and a little confusing too. But, I guess my heart is set on learning Japanese now. I’m so excited for it. I’d soon have to start watching anime 😀

My exams are from next week, from 15th December. Yup, it’s that time of the year again, end term exams. Oooooo, Scared? Haha, just kidding.

Life’s been a little happening lately. Yeah, quite a few things to share. I’d soon tell you what’s up with me. But right now I should get back to studying C. Yup, the programming language. I’m studying C from the book Let Us C. Yeah, Let’s C 😀 how well C goes. Haha.

You know, my academic performance has improved lately. I scored 30/30 in Digital. Analog, it didn’t go that well.
Other subjects went fine too 🙂

Btw I’m pursuing Just FYI. It’s been fun. It’s been hectic. It’s been good. It’s been worse. But I’m loving it 🙂 Yeah.

So, see you soon
Up till then
XOXO.. Muaaahhhh..

A glimpse into the past

5 October, Sunday
11:20 am


As I said earlier, I’d see you soon, sooner than 4 months. Here I am 🙂

So today morning I did a lot of “saaf-safai”, basically a lot of cleaning. I cleaned my cupboard, my study. Got rid of old notebooks, the notes, school books etc. Arranged the books neatly and properly. Everything looks spic and span now. Courtesy to me. He he 😀

books - Copy

I found so many things. Lost and found. It was like a walk down the memory lane. The list of songs I loved once upon a time. I’m downloading all those songs today. They all have their place on my playlist. One of the songs is ‘Roads’ by Portishead. I must have listened to it so many times. It was on repeat for quite a while.
Then I found some random jottings that lay forgotten on a yellowed paper. Yup. It was that old.
So many newspaper clippings. One told the origin of touchwood, that according to pagan belief good spirits were believed to reside in oak wood and the likes. Touching wood knocked them and brought good luck. (You could google this fact, I just wrote what I had read)

Few hours well spent. It feels good when you finish something and it’s done well.
Yeah. That’s all for now. 🙂

See you soon

P.S: I woke up at 6:30 am today unlike yesterday when I woke up at 9 am.

Long time. No see.

3 October, Friday
6:40 pm

Woah! Almost four and a half months since my last post.

Haven’t I been so busy 😛 Ha! Only I know how busy I was. WAS NOT.

June-July were summer holidays. Then college reopened, 3rd semester, in August.
FYI I’m a senior now. Hell yeah! 😀
I’m a sweet senior 🙂

Over with mid term exams, last month.

You know what, come to think of it – My life won’t make such an interesting story. At least not up to this point of my life. I have what you call an ‘ordinary life’ 🙂

Oh! BTW on a totally different note, I have an adorable pet whom I love to bits. She’s all so cute and cuddly.

Yeah. I think that’s all for now.

See you soon ( Sooner than four months 😀 )


16 May, Friday
8:35 pm


So.. Okay. I had my first end semester exam yesterday.. Can you guess which subject? MATHS!!
Not that I’m scared of Maths.. but since a last few months I’m not particularly doing very well in Maths. You know Why? Lack of practice.. Yup! That’s the reason.. I accept it.

Since I got into Uni I’ve become a little (more than a little) complacent. Taking things for granted. Then postponing the things on the to-do list again and again.. The same vicious cycle I talked about earlier.. Procrastination.

To tell you the truth.. I have Communication Skills exam tomorrow.. and I opened the notebook (where I make notes) right now. Yup! Right now..
Look at me! Every friggin time.. Ahhhh
I’ll be able to complete the syllabus by tomorrow morning. Yup! Because I had prepared for it during the mid semester exams. It’ll go fine.


See you soon

Procrastination.. Why?

13 May
2:50 pm


I don’t understand why do I always do this to myself..
I deliberately while away time until I reach a point of time where wasting it anymore would be detrimental and could lead to not clearing the exam.

Why? Why? Why?

How many times do I have to make the same mistake and then make the same promise again and again? It’s a vicious cycle… When the hell would I get out of it?

I really wanna get over it.

It’s like I’ll keep procrastinating studying until the very last moment.. when I can’t delay it any further.

I have a Maths exam on Thursday.
Yeah.. And being the way I am I haven’t started studying for it. What do I do the whole day? You know I just hate myself for it.

I wouldn’t have written all this had this not been an anonymous blog.

It’s like a cresendo.. All those untouched things.. They keep accumulating and BOOM!! fall down all at once.

Okay. Now I’ll get down to studying. Enough talking for now.

Hope the exams go well.. Yeah! Even with my last minute preparation..

See ya

Viva.. Practicals

7 May
10:55 pm


So I did have the two practicals today. The viva of Mechanics wasn’t that lovely but Physics went well.. surprisingly enough.
Why do I feel not that confident while facing an external during a viva?
The fear of unknown. In a way.. these exams do decide the way my life turns out (Do they?)
Something to debate on later on, when I have some time on my hands.

Now tomorrow it is Environmental Science and then Electrical Science. Yup! Two practicals in one day.
I’m not particularly a big fan of electrical.. but it is fine. Our practicals end tomorrow.. Thank God!

Yeah! I haven’t really started studying for it. I should now start with it.
You know I don’t understand why don’t I learn from my mistakes. Every time I think.. next time onward I will be more regular.. I won’t procrastinate.. But the cycle goes on.

Anyway, I need to change that fact. I need to be more regular.

I’ll see you tomorrow or so